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Reagent Bottle

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Borosilicate Glass entirely conforms to the international standard ISO3583, and is a new special borosilicate glass of excellent chemical and physical properties with a silica content of 80%. It is highly stable in structure and, as a result, has marked mechanical strength and very high resistance against chemical attacks. Further, due to its low linear coefficient of thermal expansion, this glass is capable of withstanding high thermal shock and possesses good moulding ability. It is an excellent material for making laboratory apparatus where external heating is necessary, intricate laboratory glassware and chemical equipments as well as pressure water meter glass.

Principal Physical and Chemical Properties:
SiO2 Content...>80%
Strain Point...520º C
Annealing Point...560º C
Softening Point...820º C
Refractive Index...1.47
Light Transmission (2mm)...92%
Elastic Modulus...67KNmm-2
Tensile Strength...40-120Nmm-2
Glass Stress Optical Coefficient...3.8*10-6mm2/N
Processing Temperature(104dpas)...1220º C
Linear Coefficient of Expansion(20-300º C)...3.3*10-6K-1

Density(20º C)...2.23gcm-1
Specific Heat...0.9Jg-1K-1
Thermal Conductivity...1.2Wm-1K-1
Hydrolytic Resistance (ISO 719)...Grade 1
Acid Resistance (ISO 195)...Grade 1
Alkali Resistance (ISO 695)...Grade 2
Thermal Shock Resistance Rod...6*30mm 300º C

Low form, with spout, with printed graduations for 50-1000ml

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